LED Wristband Paper Watch

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Yep, they’re making watches from paper now…

A chic and unique item, made from high-quality DuPont Paper, in a variety of stylish prints and patterns.

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Transparent Thug Life Glasses

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It’s the hard THUG LIFE for you – you might as well get the glasses that will suit your style. This beloved meme icon is now available to be worn by all the wannabe thugs out there.

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Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Animals Inside

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The perfect excuse for your caffeine addiction. What can be cuter then coffee mugs with animals inside?

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Pink Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Be the highlight at your office Christmas party. With this item, no one can ignore you – because it’s neon pink and its a sweater with cats on it.


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Galaxy Pendant Necklace

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It took us a lot of time to develop the very complicated nano-quantum-Astro technique to be able to scale down a whole galaxy into on tiny pendant –  but we did it!

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Retro Moon Phases Poster

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Bring in some moon-magic to your room. A retro-style moon poster with infographics and details about the moon and it’s various stages.

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Astronaut Helmet Mug

Don’t go to you spacewalk without your astronaut helmet mug.

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Travel Size Squeeze Bottles With Cute Animal Faces

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Don’t carry your huge, bulky, space occupation, easily spillable and UGLY shampoo or soap bottles when you travel. Use our stylish, compact and darn CUTE travel size squeeze bottles.

6 Piece Cactus Coaster Tree

A decorative cactus coaster tree that will add the magic of the desert to your coffee table. Made from environmentally friendly EVA, these cactus coasters are strong and easy to clean. Coasters can be arranged in several forms, or placed in the flowerpot shaped holder.

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Game of Thrones Music Box

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Coming to you all the way from Westeros – a game of thrones music box. The legend says that if you play this 3 time in a row, the night king will sneak up behind you. Let us know if it ‘s true!

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Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

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Nothing cleans a microwave like an Angry Mama, Place this Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner with some water and vinegar, and let her scare the grime away.